minot Process

The minot process is simple - listen to the client, and deliver what they need. By leveraging experienced professionals versed both in methodical project management and dependable Web design and development techniques, reliable online solutions are produced to meet each specific client. A proven process is employed for each client project - big or small - to ensure that each client has visibility into the project and an open channel for communication every step of the way.


The first stage, Exploration and Discovery, is when minot listens, learns and provides the foundation for project success. minot professionals explore the fundamental aspects of each client's business, study existing brand identity, investigate everything from content functionality to technology architecture to fully comprehend the scope and impact of each project. This first stage allows minot to help a client focus its new e-business objectives and produce a solid and reliable project plan - one that is proven for success.


Stage two, Planning, defines a comprehensive blueprint that outlines all project details prior to beginning development, design and production. minot works closely with clients to devise asset lists, functionality specifications, technical requirements and outline the business logic behind the project. This enables each client the ability to communicate and understand exactly what will be delivered and how. All project deliverables are outlined during this phase and every one is optimized for maximum cost-efficiency.


Development and Production is stage three and involves the actual execution of project deliverables. The various minot groups deliver on the project. The design group completes the graphic objectives, the production group transposes the designs into functioning web pages, and the system architects complete construction of customized database applications and publishing tools. All project deliverables are complete and the client has visibility into the final product as it begins to take shape and materialize.


Stage four, Deployment, encompasses the transfer of project deliverables and the integration of those items into the client environment. The minot quality assurance team analyzes all elements of production for accuracy, usability and adherence to project specifications, including the overall desired user experience. A style guide and technical documentation may also be delivered during this stage.


The final stage, Customer Satisfaction, begins once the production process and project is complete. minot constantly seeks to enhance and expand the project goals and achievements of each client. An on-going sense of ownership and responsibility drives long-term relationship and the desire to ensure that each client is happy with end result not just now, but always. A happy client makes a happy minot.

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