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Web Design and Development Services for small - and medium - sized businesses, delivering the most efficient and reliable online solutions through approachable and cost effective methods.
Minot and LeaseSmith

minot is selected to develop the LeaseSmith commercial tenant's lease adminisration software package.
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August 2007
minot and Koko Fitness collaborate to deliver a digital personal trainer to the fitness world.

April 2005
--minot's pro-bono website for American Heart's Vinosa Fundraiser went live today and receives over 10,000 hits in it's first week.
--minot is called upon to develop the automated platform for testing nTAG's distributed application suite.

Feb 2005
CharterOak & minot release ecommerce & customer tracking system for CharterOak qualified distributors.

Jan 2005
minot is pleased to announce the selection of American Heart Assoication's Vinosa Fundraising Event as their pro-bono recipient for 2005.

July 2004
minot selected to develop .NET application for Lease Administration Solutions of Marblehead, MA.

May 2004
minot & Holyoke Mutual Insurance Company of Salem, MA launch new customer focused website.

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